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Cultivating Courageous Resisters: Pastors, Professors, and Practitioners Partnering to Serve the Present Age

This project seeks to bring together key participants from throughout the United States to develop stronger models of local and national leadership in the Christian practice of seeking justice as a part of a public social witness that extends beyond ecclesial walls and denominational boundaries. 

What will we do?

Women of color from three groups (pastors, practitioners, and professors) will meet virtually to share models of collective justice engagement and resources, and gather in person for a two-day mini retreat focusing on faith-full approaches for addressing contemporary justice issues.

Cover images - photo by Huffman, 2014 (https://www.voa.org/moral-injury-stories/where-is-god); and photo by A. Mingo at a Millennial Womanist gathering 2017

Cultivating Courageous Resisters: Pastors, Professors, and Practitioners Partnering to Serve the Present Age

Project Leader


Rev. Dr. AnneMarie Mingo is a religious social ethicist and scholar-activist committed to justice and freedom. Through a teacher-scholar grant awarded by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship she created the Cultivating Courageous Resisters project. Learn more about AnneMarie here.

Collaboration Circles


Collaboration Circles are formed through virtual gatherings of pastors, professors, and grassroots practitioners who read and discuss common texts. The circles will build connections where collaborations can happen when preparing sermons, Bible studies, course syllabi and lectures, and strategies for local and national engagement with leaders.

Resisters Retreat


The Courageous Resisters Retreat is a mini-conference and retreat space for project participants. The retreat is designed for deep and generative conversations, reflections, and strategizing as participants work through identifying the concepts that are not taught in the classrooms, churches, or communities to prepare people to live out their Christian social witness in this current moment.



Our network of women of color pastors, practitioners, and professors can virtually share ideas about ways of deeply engaging justice issues. Examples of homilies, short lectures, or public policy statements can be shared as resources for persons seeking to engage in justice acts in their local congregations, classrooms, and communities. 

Prayer and Confession


A monthly prayer focus area centered on contemporary justice issues will be shared in various formats from one project participant each month which can be shared in local gatherings. 

Each collaborative circle will create creedal/confessional statements of faith rooted in their justice seeking.

Social Justice Revival


Through our online platform the Social Justice Revival will bring together the preaching, teaching, singing, statements of faith, policy awareness, and creative Christian confrontations of injustice developed during the Cultivating Courageous Resisters project.

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This project is made possible through a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by the Lilly Endowment Inc.

Cultivating Courageous Resisters

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